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Free On-Site Consultation From September 23 2014 Article
    Thanks for the newsletters. Here is an e-mail address that can assist your clients with finding On-Site Consultation with OSHA regulations in different states. 
just use the drop down menu to choose your state and it automatically fills in the information including a phone number is available.
Bob Francis
Supervising Safety & Health Inspector
NYS Dept. Of Labor
Div. Of Safety & Health
On-Site Consultation Unit
(518)457-2810 Office
    In response to Eddie Harden's concern  posted on 9/24 about working at a steel plant, I have a few suggestions.  Check with the customer to see what Safety training they have and might require for their own employees.  Maybe Eddie's installers can participate.  In the NJ and NY area, large manufacturers often require contractors to participate in their safety training before contractors are allowed on the premises.  In some cases there are requirements that contractor's workers have OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 cards.  That means they have had 10 or 30 hours of OSHA approved safety training.  Check on the website to locate training resources and providers in your area.  Another website to check is  A best practice to consider adopting is for your techs to huddle each morning on the job site before starting work to talk about where they will be working, what they will be doing, what others will be doing in their vicinity, what hazards they may encounter and how to prepare.  A regular emphasis on safety is crucial to success.
Best regards,
Bob Shoremount
Strandberg Consulting Group
    I have to stand by my statement of NOT ADOPTED NATIONALLY.  Widely adopted is not NATIONALLY.  On the time change I was not aware of changes, as a member of the committee he is in a better position than I to know changes as they happen.
Joel Kent
FBN Security Co LLC

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Title: Learn how to design sales presentations using tablets and computers.

When:  October 8, 2014  12 noon to 1 PM EST.  Sign in on your computer and dial in to participate.  Register here (space limited so register now):

Description:    This webinar will introduce you to sales techniques and tools using tablets and computers to do sales presentations.  Puffington will customize your sales tools utilizing our templates and proven sales presentations designed specifically for the alarm / security industry.

Presenter:  Luke Goetting;  312-620-0704  Puffingston is listed on The Alarm Exchange under Technology that increases or preserves your RMR.

Who should attend:   Alarm company owners and sales managers and sales personnel

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Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association.  October 1 - 4, 2014,  annual convention at San Luis Resort Spa & Conference Center, Galveston, TX.  Register here:
For more info contact Debi at 281-859-4569.  Brad Shipp, Executive Director

Alabama Alarm Association.  AAA's Fall Meeting and Trade Show - October 21, 2014 from 3 to 5 PM at DoubleTree Hotel 808 South 20th Street Birmingham, AL 35205  for more info contact AAA Executive Director:  (205) 933-9000