An article in SSI's on line newsletter caught my attention - Champaign Illinios amended its alarm ordinance "in an effort to reduce" false alarms.  http://securitysales.com/article/illinois_city_prepares_for_false_alarm_crackdown/news?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email

    It's the arithmetic figures upon which the city purports to rest its rationale that is interesting.  First the typical biased number: 2555 alarms, only 19 'legit", so 2536 "false alarms".  Cost to city: $111,717.00.  No report on what happened on the 19 real alarms or cost associated with policing the city without alarms.

    But here's what the city thinks will help.  Imposing an annual permit renewal fee, $20, which will add $87,260 to city coffers.  [that translates to 4363 alarm systems].  There is also a registration fee for the permit, but added revenue is not disclosed for that.  

    Fines will be imposed after 3 false alarms are $100 and $150 after 9 false alarms.  This is expected to add $32,550 to city coffers.  Between registration, renewal and fines the city plans on collecting $142, 410 annually.

    The new law also requires ECV, 2 calls to the premises.

    So what does this have to do with false alarm reduction?  Well let's do the math.  Apparently the city thinks its false alarm rate is going to drop to 1302 false alarms.  Since the fine kicks in only after 3 false alarms, using the lowest fine of $100 the total false alarms for which fines are accessed is 325.  Apparently the city believes the fines and ECV will reduce alarms from 2536 to 1302, almost a 50% reduction.  I guess the city will save 50% of the $111,717 it claims was the cost of false alarms.  

    It will be interesting to find out how the plan works out. Seems like the laudable purpose of reducing false alarms will come at an expense to the 4363 citizens of the city who have alarms.

    One of the features of the All in One Agreements is that they break down the services, and one of those services is ECV.  It's an add on and something you can charge for.  Should pay for the cost of the contract in no time.


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