March 13, 2014

The referenced Office of Professional Medical Conduct reported board action stuck out in my mind upon review because I know so many physicians who take liberty with their prescriptions.  Of note, a CT physician was brought up on charges for failing to keep proper medical records for family and personal prescriptions.  To resolve the matter with the NYS DOH, Office of Professional Medical Conduct, the physician agreed to "never activate his registration or reapply for a license to practice medicine in New York" .   The initial investigation by CT licensure resolved upon the physician agreeing to attend appropriate coursework and prohibits the physician from writing prescriptions to family and himself.  More details -$FILE/BRD%20167127.pdf.

As a reminder, the Office of Professional Medical Conduct regulates medical professionals and has the authority to suspend, place on probation and/or revoke licensure. If for any reason you are contacted by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct do not engage directly; contact your healthcare attorney immediately.

For those unaware, we work with MLMIC and PRI when you have insurance coverage for licensure matters.