Question - do you need the husband and wife 



    To the point…..I needed some work done in my basement. The company requires both the husband and wife present for the estimate. When I said I cannot guarantee that both will be there but one of us would be there they just insisted that both be there,  and since I could not guarantee we would both be there because of our schedules I said forget it and they said ok! 

    They were willing to lose the sale and possible future referrals. I had another company request the same thing for a sewer pipe video inspection. My question is, do you know why this is? And is it something we in our business should be doing? We never insist on both spouses being present when we do a sales call. Is this just a sales thing or a legal issue that we need to be aware of?





    I suspect the requirement for both husband and wife is more of a marketing and sales consideration than a legal requirement - in fact it's not a legal requirement - at least not in the alarm industry.  I can see a home improvement contractor who is looking for a basement renovation to insist that both [or all] property owners be present so they can sign the contract.  I don't think it would be wise for a construction project begin before all owners approved the work.      Why get into a dispute whether one owner had the authority to bind the others.

Alarm installations and services have their own reasons for requiring all owers - husband and wife - to sign the contract.      The number one reason for the alarm contract is to permit the alarm company to exempt itself from liability for its breach of contract or negligence.  You don't accomplish that if your subscriber hasn't signed the contract.  Be safe - get both signatures.  

    What if one isn't home.  You can still put two signature lines and require one spouse to sign on behalf of the other - or better - wait until you can get the others signature.  

    Requiring that your contract be "formally" signed will add to your professionalism and protect your butt.


Question re selling monitoring contracts



    Have you ever considered selling your contracts through a (well-respected) monitoring company to its dealers?  It would seem that it would be a win-win.  The monitoring company is probably the first to know which of its dealers have structure (including contracts) and which don’t, as well as have a relationship with the individual alarm companies, and therefore may be able to guide them to your contracts.  If their dealers use the right contracts, it would seem to be extra protection for the monitoring company as well.

Your thoughts?


Caralee M. Gibson




    Central stations are in the business of providing wholesale monitoring services.  If your central is also in the business of selling or providing you contracts - RUN to another central.  The main central station players all recommend my Standard Form Contracts and routinely refer their dealers or potential dealers [those they won't sign up unless they start using the Standard Form Contracts] to me. 

    Providing contracts to central stations doesn't work for because, for one thing, the contracts are constantly being updated with revisions.  Also, unless the contract is designed for nationwide use, the contracts are customized state by state.  Contracts are the most important asset in your business and you need to get your contract from an attorney, not your buddy, not from a dealer program, not from an equipment distributor or manufacturer and not from a central station.




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