October 6, 2011


Ms. Kirschenbaum: just a quick question: if a patient does not show for an appt. can I still charge them their co-pay?

Dr. C


Co-pay for no-show okay? No way! But, that does not mean you can't charge a no-show fee. So, whats the difference? Isn't $20 the same as $20? No. A co-pay is a payment that a patient is responsible for that correlates to a certain reimbursable service. If no service is rendered because the patient didn't show up, how can you appropriately collect a co-pay? The answer is, you can't. However, you are entitled as a regular practice to charge patients no-show fees so long as your no-show policy is a known policy of your practice and your patients are aware they would be responsible for a no-show fee for failing to show up or cancel an appointment in a timely manner. I recommend incorporating any such policy into your privacy practices that are (or should be) distributed to patients at check-in. You may also want to promulgate your no-show charge policy at your front desk so its visible. If you elect to incorporate a no-show cancellation charge, also have patients reminded of same when appointments are initially made and on any appointment confirmation calls.

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