Question change orders
    Our company uses your contracts and we always get original signatures.
When we are doing a job and the customer makes a change we issue a change order. The change order is emailed to the customer and the customer signs and emails back. Is there anything wrong with this process? Is 
there any reason that an original of a change order be necessary? There are  no terms on the change order.
Thanks for your response.
    It's important to tie the change order in with the contract because the change order typically does not contain all of the protective provisions.  While it can be argued that the change order is encompassed in the main contract I'd prefer to have the change order specifically make that statement.  When you get the Standard All in One forms we provide a Supplemental Rider which is used as the change order.  You can use any form.  The change order should state that it incorporates the terms of the main contract.  Remember, "contracting away liability for your own negligence and breach of contract" is an essential element of the alarm contract, but you have to use a proper contract.
Purchase Orders
   I have a lot of large corporations that issue P O for the service work and monitoring. They typically refuse to sign a contract; the large corporate attorneys just do not allow it.  If they send it back they cross out most of your contract.
How do we handle this situation?
    You should make at least an effort to negotiate the terms of your contract so that you have protection.  If the subscriber won't consider your contract then you have to make a decision if you are willing to accept the risk for the work.  Increasing your insurance is one option.  Forming a different entity that really does operate independently and retains nothing after the installation, all RMR going to another company, may be another option.  Passing on the job is yet another option.
comment re ECV
    In response to Lee Jones posting Tuesday, April 22, 2014 I take umbrage with the aspersion that is cast on the alarm industry being insulted by ECV.  Lets look at where ECV came from and why it was developed.
     ECV highly regarded by both the alarm industry and law enforcement was developed by a committee  that examined all the causes of false dispatches.
#1 on the list were the correctable errors.
    The major cause in the false alarm triangle is the USER. Correct the USER caused false alarms and we have made a great impact.  by making 2 calls to different numbers, one being a cell phone we target the END USER.
    When you think about it, how about the GFCI on the hair dryer cord?  The manufacturers instructions say DO NOT USE IIN THE SHOWER, yet people were being electrocuted.  Technology had to take over for   intelligence.
    The second prong of the false alarm attack is the equipment. the proper equipment installed with regard to the environment and placement.
    Last we have CP01 equipment which will take prevention to a new level. Incorporating features that will mitigate some user errors such as AUTO STAY arming if the E;/E zone is not violated.
    So by taking offense and saying IT WONT WORK or IT TAKES TOO LONG is counter productive. ECV as part of a concerted effort to REDUCE if not ELIMINATE false alarms is the best we have.
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