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WEBINAR NOTICE:  The Central Station series  
Why you should use our central station
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Cameras in health care facility from Oct 31, 2014
We always have client instruct us in writing if the is any question or doubt on camera location. 
One application in particular  we had   8"x8" plastic signs mounted  beside the door entrance warning that audio and video psychiatric interviews and examinations  were recording.  A 30 min timer was installed below the sign giving the option to leave on or turn off with the timer.
B . Welwood
Alliance security 
Cambridge Ontario 
considering entering into a buy sell agreement
    We have done business with your firm before. We are purchasing an alarm company and although it is a very simple agreement, we would like your opinion of this agreement before we move ahead with this purchase. Thank you for your time
    It's little late calling in a lawyer once you've committed yourself to a deal, buying or selling.  Not that easy going back on your handshake, especially when it's an important issue.  Sure it can be done legally, unless you've also bound yourself in a writing that you didn't realize could hold you, but it makes for poor relations going forward.  And, there is rarely a "very simple agreement".  If there was you probably don't need an agreement.  If it's important enough to think you need an agreement then you surely do need one.  While alarm deal contracts may come easy to me it is unreasonable to expect that you would know what customarily goes into an agreement and what may be suitable for the specific deal you're getting ready to commit to.  Yes, some alarm companies do many acquisitions a year and the non attorneys  handling those transactions get the feeling that their "form" can be cut and pasted with new names, figures and dates, and there may be some validity to that.  But my experience is that even those deals need to be papered by an attorney who knows alarm deals.
    Regarding the inquiry above, I am reminded of the alarm subscriber who moved to the suburbs because of a burglary in his home in NYC and engaged an alarm company, demanding the best alarm system available, provided it was installed for free and monitored for less that $25 a month.  After the new residence was burglarized they sued the alarm company because the system omitted some protection that was available but not included in a free installation.  Anyway, Anon didn't want to pay more than $350 for a consult, which we passed on.
font size
    I know that you have mentioned in your newsletter that certain states require a minimum "X" size font.  What are the restrictions in California?  As your Standard Security Agreement sits it would be a 6 page legal size NCR, not the easiest thing to deal with in the field but if it is necessary please let us know.  
Jarrett O
    Haven't you seen all those late night ads, size counts

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                                             The Central Station Series
                                         Why you should use our central station
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Each Webinar will cover:

  • territory covered by cs 
  • types of alarms cs equipped to handle or specializes in 
  • description of cs facilities and equipment; redundancy of more than one location 
  • general policies on handling alarms 
  • what makes your cs stand apart from others 
  • pricing - why your cs charges what it does and special deals if any 
  • contracts the cs requires

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November 12, 2014 - Statewide Monitoring
November 13, 2014 - Centra-Larm Monitoring

November 20, 2014 - AvantGuard Monitoring


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