Work Place Injuries; OSHA Violations, Free Assistance
    Want to find out if you are OSHA compliant and reducing risk of injury to your employees?  OSHA and the New York State Dept of Labor have an On Site Consulation Program, operating since 1975.  The NY DOL comes in and does a free evaluation; OSHA is not notified; there are no fines.  You do get a written report and you do have to agree to correct deficiencies found and noted in the report.  If you are interested in finding out more about this program you can visit the DOL web site at www.labor.ny.gov.  If you want to reach out to one of the consultants contact Robert Francis at franis.bob@dol.gov or 518 457 2810.
    I don't know if other states have similar programs.
More On Comcast
    I appreciate the input by John M. Flanagan and find it to be very informative. 
    The following solicitation of protection from COX Communications is tied to the purchase of  Cox video, Internet and/or phone service and is also tied to the Consumer renting touchscreen equipment for $3.00/month. Please keep in mind that a Consumer of protection has signed a 3-yr contract for protection and COX has tied their communications/cable or internet service and if Consumer cancels these services, COX claims the protections service will no longer be of use to the consumer. 
    COX website : "Offer expires 9/30/2014. Cox Home Security is available to residential customers in select Cox markets: AR, AZ, CA, CT, IA, KS, NE, NV, OH, OK, RI, VA. Service not available in all areas of a market. Offer includes new Cox Home Security Essential plan with 3-year agreement and is available to residential customers with current subscription to one or more of Cox video, Internet and/or phone service in select Cox service areas. Certain advertised features require Preferred service plan.. Prices may require a 3-yr. monthly service contract and subscription to Cox video, Internet and/or phone service. A high-speed Internet connection is required and is not included in price. Touchscreen equipment is also required and is not included. $3.00/month rental fee applies. Touchscreen remains property of Cox and must be returned to Cox upon terminations of service to avoid additional charges. Applicable monthly service charges, installation, additional equipment, taxes, trip charges and other fees may apply. All prices and packages are subject to change. Month-to-month and home security service only pricing available. Subject to credit approval. Other restrictions may apply. Other conditions apply. Local ordinances may require an alarm user permit."
    Another question for the D.O.J. to answer will be; Is COX tying Consumers into keeping services, not under contract, so the protection service under contract will continue to be of use to the Consumer. For instance: If Consumer has internet service, on a month to month contract, and then signs a 3-yr contract for the service of protection, the Consumer has indirectly committed themselves to a 3-yr commitment in regards to COX internet service. 
Thank You, 
Roger D. Score, President
Arizona Alarm Dealers Association
(520) 419-4677
    John Bonney here of Atlantic Security And Protection.....a Maryland and Virginia security company.....
    If Comcast is allowed to get a license for security alarm sales and installations, when they have a monopoly of cable TV in their areas of operation, then, shouldn't we alarm companies have the right to sell cable TV services?  Something's wrong with this equation........what say you, Mr. Kirschenbaum?  
John Bonney
    Tying is improper; it's a  monopoly and vilolates antitrust laws.  
Holding Back Paycheck
    I had a situation come up where an employee quit, stole a company vehicle, and parked it in an airport parking lot. I withheld his last check sighting that I wanted to know where my truck was located. 
    I contacted the Alabama Department of Human Recourses (our Labor Department).  I was told specifically that I could not hold a pay check.  The lady on the phone continued by saying that they had the authority to force me to pay the Minimum wages for the hours worked. 
    I paid this individual the minimum wages for the two and third partial weeks that he worked.   I told the x-employee that as soon as the vehicle was returned to me that the balance would be paid.  At which point he called ADHR and was informed that he had no recourse. He begrudgingly disclosed the location of the truck.  I flew to the location paid the exurbanite parking fees and billed him for the travel out of the unpaid wages.  He now has a warrant for his arrest in the state of Virginia.
    I haven't heard a word in 2 years.
    Hope this helps.
Tim Pauline
Response:  Horrors of being an employer


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