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What do you have in common with 54%  the SDM top 100 ?   
    The SDM top 100 list comes out every year and it's always interesting to see how the largest companies in the industry are doing.  Curiosity got the best of me and I decided to see how many of them have purchased the Standard Form Contracts [].  It's 54%, at least, from what our records show.  
    So my only logical conclusion from this "study" is that if you want to make it to the list or move up the list, better get the Standard Form Contracts.  
    And be sure to attend the Webinar on June 10 which will review the latest updates, and why they were made so you can decide if you want them in your contracts.
old contract language
    We are doing a contract review and found an old contract.  I believe that this is a great example of why companies should update their contracts on a regular basis and use an industry attorney.  Probably a few too many words here:
    "This is not an “insurance policy” and (Alarm Company name) bears no responsibility to the holder of this contract against theft, our alarm systems are designed to act as a deterrent in the first instances and to permit prompt detection and apprehension of the undeterred intruder.  The success of such as system depends on many variables and intangibles, such as the intestinal fortitude, ability, mental state, speed and skill of the burglar, as well as the response time of the police all of which are beyond the control of the Installer of the system."
Mitch Reitman
S.I.C. Consulting, Inc.
Fort Worth, TX 76133
    The right and opportunity to "contract away liability even for your own negligence" has been a hard fought process for the alarm industry, and it's on going.  The above language would not qualify for an acceptable Exculpatory Clause and certainly not as a Limitation of Liability Provision.  If anyone is in doubt how important it is to use properly worded alarm contracts all you have to do is spend a few hours reading leading cases in the alarm industry from all over the country.  You can do that here:
    Get the best and most used and accepted alarm contracts in the industry - within your price range or for any price - at or call our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda for assistance selecting Standard Form Contracts that meet your company's needs.
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                                 WEBINAR ANNOUNCEMENT
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Topic:  Review of recent updates to the All in One alarm contracts
When:  June 10, 2014  12 noon EST  [30 to 45 minute presentation]
Presented by: Ken Kirschenbaum, Esq.
Who should attend:  Alarm Company owners and those responsible for contracts.
Description:  The All in One contract forms which were introduced in 2013 have undergone changes.  The specific changes and reason for the changes will be discussed, questions and comments addressed.  The forms include the Residential All in One, Commercial All in One and the Commercial Fire All in One.  Those companies who are using the All in One alarm contracts and those considering using these forms should attend.  
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Quick Response Dealer and Integrator Information and Technical Conference.   July 15 -16,  2014 at  Holiday Inn - Independence Ohio.  All alarm dealers are invited.   For more information, schedule and to RSVP contact Margie or Renee at or call Margie/Renee at 800 462 5353
Alarm Association of Greater St. Louis.   September 16, 2014.  at Tech Electronics HQs office at 6437 Manchester  Ave, St. Louis, MO 63139.  Meeting is from 11:45 – 1:30  Video conference presentation starting at 12:15 CST.  For more information or to register contact Tony Drago

Alabama Alarm Association.  AAA's Fall Meeting and Trade Show - October 21, 2014 from 3 to 5 PM at DoubleTree Hotel 808 South 20th Street Birmingham, AL 35205  for more info contact AAA Executive Director:  (205) 933-9000 


Electronic Security Summit for 2014.  October 22-24, 2014  at the landmark Broadmoor Hotel. Colorado Springs, CO.  For more information contact Alexander J. Quirin, CEO & Managing Partner, Advisory Summit Providers, LLC.,  (786) 999-9738