Provided by:  Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq.

June 25, 2019





What are the main issues I need to watch for in my lease? 

Dr. G


Depends. Assuming you are asking  for a new location....depends on your main concerns.  Do you want concessions of some form for renovation? Do you care more about services the Landlord might be willing to take responsibility for (so less aggravation on your end), are you looking to lock down exclusivity of services in a shared location?  Asks vary tenant by tenant depending on the overarching concerns each independent tenant may have.  When approaching a lease for review, the most effective way counsel can do so is to understand the practice, your goals and pain points.  In particular, if you are planning to renovate, we want to make sure we fully flesh who is responsible for what, who is paying for what, and who is responsible for paying for an maintaining after the fact. Mistakes in the leasing stage of tenancy will haunt you throughout occupancy, so be ware before signing on the four original dotted lines.  

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