Provided by:  Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq.

March 19, 2019




Hi Jennifer,

A patient gives us incorrect insurance information. We submit the bill based on the information we received. After a wait an explanation of benefits comes back stating that the patient is not insured by that company. We reach out to the patient who then gives us different insurance information. We send the bill to that insurance company who denies payment based on the fact that it wasn’t filed in a timely basis. In addition the new insurance company tells. The patient that they are not responsible. In my mind since the patient gave us the wrong information and we properly acted on it the patient should be responsible. What are your thoughts?

Dr. W


The patient should have signed a financial policy that holds him/her accountable financially for the visit if not reimbursable by insurance, for one reason or another.  Up to you how strenuous of efforts you wish to employ to collect... 

If you do not have a financial policy, check out our standard intake and compliance forms