April 16, 2015


I recently terminated an admin staffer who I was also treating as a patient.  She called the office after her termination (which was not on good terms) and tried to book an appointment.  I am not in a current course of treatment with her.  Do I have to see her?

Thanks in advance.
Dr. C


Oh Dr. C, where to begin!  I'm glad to hear you are not in a current course of treatment or requiring any "mandatory" follow up care.  We'll put aside the reprimand and settle for a cautionary - next time don't treat employees - warning.  No, you do not "have to see her".  You can terminate the patient relationship since you are not mid-treatment and presumably there are other practitioners in your specialty and geographic area available to treat this individual.  I recommend terminating the patient relationship in writing and referring the employee to her insurer for referral recommendations (if applicable).   You should also provide information on how she may obtain her records.

Hope this helps!  If you would like our firm to draft the letter, let us know.  

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