March 10, 2016

A client reminded me to remind everyone to recover free money being held by the government.  -- 

Hi everyone,
Thought I would send this out to the universe, as a pay it forward moment...
My cousin told me about this and said there was a lot of stuff listed under my name at the NY comptroller's office for unclaimed funds. I looked and there were about 8 separate claims sitting there. Some were easy to get by filling things out online, while others required documentation to be submitted and to have a form notarized (uggh) and sent in. So far, I have received about $4000 of unpaid money due to me.
The reason I am sending this out to you is that some of those funds were from insurance companies, dating back several years. There were also old salary payments from hospitals. Some were sent to an old address or misspelled a portion of the correct address. Others used my middle initial AND a wrong address. Every one of you should search and see if there are any insurance payments sitting there for you. Here is the website.
Happy hunting!
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