March 3, 2016


Hi Jennifer, 

I had a specialist share space with me but she left 2 years ago. She left charts behind and sent me a few emails that she will come collect them.  However, she never did. It’s been two years and it takes up my real estate. What can I do?  

Dr. R

The records are absolutely the specialist's responsibility; custodianship remains with her.  Any of the following would be appropriate: (1) notify her of a time frame she can coordinate pick up, (2) notify her you will start charging her rent, (3) notify her you may be forced to report her for abandonment, or (4) coordinate pick up and placement in storage and send her the bills (you may not get paid, so careful here!). In the alternative and you are willing to take on responsibility for  custodianship, ask her to pay you for the inconvenience.  

If you elect to take on custodianship, we have to paper the transfer properly. Call meto discuss.   

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