April 23, 2015


I am beyond frustrated.  The changes I have requested from my potential employer have basically all been rejected.  I do not know what to do now.  Any advice?

Dr. P


Unfortunately whether or not to accept contract changes is entirely in the employer's right.  The leverage you have on your end is the fact that you may not accept the position if certain changes are not made to the agreement.  If the employer does not care whether you walk away, then you do not have any leverage and you will have to take or leave the agreement as is.  In this type of situation it is just as critical, maybe even more critical, that you have spent the time (with your healthcare attorney) to digest all of the terms of the proposed agreement, because the employer is showing him/her/itself as potentially unreasonable (most employers accept changes and attempt to work with a potential employee).  Unreasonable employers are the ones you have to take particular care not to fall within breach of contract.  If you are uncomfortable with changes being rejected, I suggest you weigh whether you will be comfortable as an employee at the location.  You may want to pursue other options.  

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