February 23, 2016

Its always great to know you are reading!  I received the following comments from your colleagues, both worth sharing!

NPI Check in response to https://www.kirschenbaumesq.com/article/protection-from-misuse-of-npi:


Providers can check on their NPI for the Medicare system here - 

I don't think this link helps identify whether someone is billing under you for commercial payors.  

Financing Advice in response to 

A couple of other points to mention about commercial property loans. Do your own research! Only certain banks work with SBA loans. I was able to put 10% down and get special low interest financing thanks to the government. This program was coordinated through the Chamber of Commerce. I also talked to the village office. They steered me towards community revitalization grants through the county and I was awarded matching grants to renovate the building's exterior and I coordinated it with a low interest energy improvement loans. The bank also helped me with a construction loan at closing to replace the HVAC and make it handicap accessible.

Thanks for your informative emails.

Dr. LH
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