February 10, 2015


I have a question since this is a new year we ask our patients to fill out new demographic forms that request name, address, phone numbers, insurance card and id# as well as responsible parties along with social security numbers. We request a new form every 2 years. Our patients do not want to fill out these forms or leave out information and refuse to update the forms. They do not want to supply their social security numbers which help us with insurance verification if there is an issue.
Is there any way or a specific rule that they have to supply this information to us? Or do we just have to accept their refusal.

Thank you for all your very informative emails.

Good question.  Patient forms, other than statutorily required (HIPAA consent) are not mandatory, but can be if office policy dictates the forms be mandatory.  Your office can take the position that you will not maintain relationships with patients who refuse to cooperate with office protocol, including filing out required patient forms with social security number.  On the form it may help to explain you are requesting this information for payment processing purposes.

Generally, you do not have to accept patient refusal.  You may have to accept refusal for a temporary period if the patient is there for a follow up or serious medical condition where the office would face potential exposure for refusing treatment that day or would possibly disrupt continuity of care. If that is not the case, then you can terminate the patient or notify the patient cannot remain with the practice or be seen if they do not follow practice protocol.  All depends on the stance the practice is willing to take…


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