May 10, 2016


Hi Jennifer,

I hope all is going well!  I have a question for you.  I had an issue this week in my office when a patient did not have a photo ID and therefore we refused to see her. There is so much concern for medical fraud we have made it our policy.  I was reading about the Red Flag law, is it actually a law now that patients have to show their ID?

This patient was very hostile with my staff and even wrote a nasty review online.  If she tries, I hope she doesn't, to call for a new apt can I refuse to see her?  She is a new patient never been seen before.

Thank you!!!


Yes, you can refuse. That is your office policy and I encourage you to enforce it.

Red flags is law, but physicians are exempt from its application. The exception would be if the patient were presenting with an emergency or if there a follow up visit (somehow) and you had a continuity of care or continuation of care responsibility.  


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