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    We are in the final stages of negotiating a contract to install cameras for a national company.  They are self insured.  Their attorneys wants some changes made to the All in One contract.

section 21: Sub cannot agree to indemnify Alarm Co for claims and lawsuits brought by third parties or by Sub.

Section 25  In any action commenced by Alarm Co against Subscriber, Subscriber shall not be permitted to interpose a counter claim -  Sub cannot agree to this language

This is a CCTV installation with no monitoring.  Should we walk away or offer to change the contract for a higher price or allow the changes.  
    Allow the changes.  Here's why.  Though we would like to retain the indemnity provision it's not the most essential provision for your protection.  In fact, it's more for your E&O carrier's benefit.  If the sub is leaving in all the other protective provisions you'll be fine.  The waiver of counterclaim is a strategic provision to keep your sub from serving frivolous counterclaims if you sue the sub.  Why the sub "cannot" agree is beyond me.  All the sub would have to do is start it's own action and then move to consolidate if it wanted to.  
    Commenting on Jay B’s question regarding how much insurance to purchase..our programs start with limits of $1m/$3m. That is $1m per occurrence and $3m per aggregate. Umbrella or excess policies would layer up on top. The Professional Liability is built into that along with the specialty coverages all alarm and fire contractors need. Jay B will want to pay close attention to the details of coverage as not all alarm programs extend the same coverages. We are happy to do comparisons for any alarm company.
Brian J. Villari, CIC, CLCS
Risk Advisor
    We are receiving numerous requests recently to not only include additionally insured but also a Waiver of Subrogation with our liability, auto and workers’ comp certificates.  Although our insurance will cover this for an additional fee our research indicates that this could present a costly expense should there be a sizable lost. What are your thoughts on providing this coverage to our clients.
Ultra conservative
    When you name your sub as an additional insured on your policy your sub will have a direct line to the carrier in the event you contribute to a loss.  If the additional insured is primary it could be worded to actually be the sub's policy for loss, even if not related to you.  Watch the wording.  You can waive subrogation against your sub's carrier because you'll never be making a claim against that carrier.  Try and get the sub to waive subrogation against you because most lawsuits against alarm companies are subrogation suits.  Having your sub name you as an additional insured on its policy solves the problem or waiver of subrogation.  

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Title: Learn how to design sales presentations using tablets and computers.

When:  October 8, 2014  12 noon to 1 PM EST.  Sign in on your computer and dial in to participate.  Register here (space limited so register now):

Description:    This webinar will introduce you to sales techniques and tools using tablets and computers to do sales presentations.  Puffington will customize your sales tools utilizing our templates and proven sales presentations designed specifically for the alarm / security industry.

Presenter:  Luke Goetting;  312-620-0704  Puffingston is listed on The Alarm Exchange under Technology that increases or preserves your RMR.

Who should attend:   Alarm company owners and sales managers and sales personnel

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