July 25, 2013


Thanks for posting the overview of the I-STOP requirements, very helpful!  What should I be doing to prepare my practice?

Dr. K


Good question Dr. K!  For those who missed the webinar - here's the link - target="_self"> CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT I-STOP via webinar!

Prior to the August 27, 2013 deadline requiring all prescribers of certain controlled substances to check the Prescription Monitoring Registry (as required by the I-STOP legislation explained in the webinar linked above), it is important that all impacted practitioners prepare their practice for compliance. 

The first step is ensuring you have access to the registry and understand how the registry will work.  Please make sure all prescribers have access to their health commerce accounts and can access the registry.

Apply here for an account: https://apps.health.ny.gov/pub/cgi-bin/applinks/pubforms/medprof

Have an account?  Log-in here: https://commerce.health.state.ny.us

The second step is to establish a written policy setting forth the procedures the practice will take to comply with the I-STOP requirements, for example, how employees will be selected for access, the technical and administrative protections the practice will have in place to protect the integrity of the registry, the confidentiality protections for the registry, and the ramifications for the staff if they do not follow the requirements (to name a few).  As with other required practice policies, having an I-STOP policy will set the practice standard for employee conduct, as well as provide guidelines for the practice to rely on should a question arise regarding the practice's practices relating to registry compliance.   To purchase a pre-drafted recommended I-STOP policy, visit our website and order our I-STOP policy by clicking here.   Orders during the month of July with reference to this email will receive a $25 discount.

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