Provided by:  Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq.

March 29, 2018



Hi Jennifer, 

New job is outside non compete; do I have anything else to worry about?

What do you think? 

Dr. C 


Absolutely can't answer without seeing your contract.  If you would like to know what I would check for, some basics are whether you have any restriction against you from contacting patients, or general solicitations.  Similar to that inquiry, whether there are active restrictions against you soliciting referral sources.  There may also be contractual restrictions against you maintaining privileges at the same hospitals you did while employed.  Whether the last consideration is enforceable, I can't say definitively but I surmise perhaps not. 

To be sure you are out of the woods, I need to see your contract.  To the extent there may be open items we want to address, we should do so direct with the former employer or soon to be former employer and wrap by agreement so you feel comfortable moving on to a clean start at your new position.