We just recently put in a system at a hotel, my first venture into VOIP services, (Go big, or stay home). Was going to write to ask which contract you recommend for this, and wella, you have one already.
         I have nothing but praise for Mongotel, especially Pinchas Weinstein, Weleska Rivera and David Levine.  Their knowledge and support on this endeavor has been absolute. I would recommend partnering up with them, and becoming a dealer.
Akiko Security Integration Services Technologies
    I have a question:
    If I understand the Mongotel model correctly, they “only” work with the low voltage industry and not direct to consumer. What is the benefit to them to do this?  And also, if a client calls them up and wants to sign up, do they reject the client, or refer them to one of their resellers?  Some more clarity for how and why they have their model set up like that would be appreciated. I’m all for RMR (ain’t that the truth for us all?) but am still wondering about some of the finer points of the way they work. And as far as the straightforward commission model offered by companies such as 8x8 (nationwide) or some other local guy in my neighborhood- how does Mongotel differ in ways that matter to my $$$ bottom line?
Thank you
    I've asked MongoTel to respond to your inquiry below, but here is my take on the MongoTel business model, and let me explain why I have agreed to post their listing on The Alarm Exchange and through this forum promote their operation to the alarm industry.  
    MongoTel recognized that alarm dealers, particularly those that do commercial installations, are prospecting their alarm /  security / fire jobs at the same time that their prospective customers are considering upgrading and updating their telephone communication system.  Most alarm dealers are tuned into the RMR model and many have ventured into integration, automation and low voltage systems beyond alarm / security systems.  PBX Hosted services are a natural fit for the alarm dealer to add to their RMR base.  The communication system is int regal to the alarm system in most installations unless the communication is strictly cellular or radio.  Even if it is, every business is going to have land lines.  
    MongoTel's Dealer Program permits the alarm dealer to fix the hosted PBX Voip service charge and also retain ownership of the customer.  Rather than pay a "commission" the alarm dealer is actually a "reseller" of the hosted service.  Furthermore, MongoTel will not sell the equipment to your customer and will not provide repair service.  As the Dealer you get to set the hosted service RMR [thereby fixing your share of the hosted service], you keep all of the installation, sale or lease of phone system equipment, extended warranty for equipment and repair service revenue, either RMR or per call.  Also, the Dealer will be doing on site programming.
    The new Standard PBX Hosted System Agreements [sale or leasing] [residential or commercial] itemize the various RMR charges and services and specifies whether the customer will pay MongoTel or the Dealer [MongoTel will do the billing and collecting at no charge if the Dealer prefers].
    I don't know if MongoTel will sell direct [it doesn't install phone systems] to customers or sign up a dealer who is not in the alarm business.  I would assume so.  But MongoTel has identified the alarm industry as a natural fit to promote, resell and participate in the PBX Hosted service RMR.
    It costs you nothing to contact MongoTel and it costs you nothing to become a dealer and they will train you as needed to assist you with maximizing your PBX Hosted Service as part of what you offer as an Integration Professional.
    And I should add, I'll be happy when you get the new telephone contracts.    
    Thanks for the opportunity to respond on your forum; the questions raised are very important ones.
    There are several issues that every installer needs to keep in mind when thinking about any kind of revenue opportunity they hope to make money with:
    Are you getting income FROM your client base-- or are you, without realizing it, actually SELLING YOUR CLIENT LIST to someone else, in exchange for (hopefully decent) commissions?
    Your clients look up to you as the source of all things alarm and telephony- are you able to keep yourself in that “#1 spot” if you are farming them out to others for product and services, and then re-jostling to maintain that position of trust and opportunity?
    Do the partners you are considering doing business with truly understand the low voltage industry and what makes it tick-- or are you no different than the local barber shop who schmoozes up the folks needing a shave-- and then pushes me to sign up for Aunt Emily’s Cable Package?
    In a nutshell, once an installer has a clear understanding of who THEY are and how they are perceived by the clients they serve, it’s so much easier for them to go hook, line, and sinker for the Mongotel model.  Why?
    The client is theirs, not ours; maintaining that important “gatekeeper” position which allows them to make additional income from all the other work and ancillary services they can provide (installation, wiring, etc. as your contracts so rightly and wonderfully provide for) while generating them growing revenue streams that keep on coming in, month after month and year after year, which are based on YOUR relationship with your customers.
     All mongotel does is specializing in providing YOU, the installer, with backend services that allow you to offer a service at whatever price you choose, to your client, and generate monthly rmr WITHOUT sacrificing the customer to another vendor. You set the price, you take care of the customer facing end (hey they are your customer remember?) we take care of providing you with everything headachey; the billing, the support, the ensuring of a crystal clear connection, and the setup of the pbx system according to the customer's needs.
There’s a reason so many installers are crazy about us- heck, we even provide customized vacation/holiday messages from professional audio artists for their holiday opening hours.
    Mongotel DOES have customers. Except, we don’t charge our customers a dime; we pay them.  Because our customers are You, the installers, and because there is never a fee to you until you sign up a customer AS YOUR CUSTOMER yet again for crystal clear PBX phone service, what happens is that you generate a monthly RMR paycheck from the moment your customer decides to activate phone service with you, with no expense and no hassle on your end.
    We look forward to growing our Dealer Program with security dealers, particularly those on this forum.  Look for our posting on The Alarm Exchange under Technology and Services that increase or preserve your RMR.
To sign up and become a MongoTel Dealer today visit https://pbxrmr.com or call us at 718-942-9990 x 217.