Comcast - Is It Engaged In Unfair Competition?
    I have been in contact with the U.S. Department of Justice and an investigation has been opened. If you have any existing loss of Clients, that you have lost to COX as a result of tying, then please provide your complaint to the D.O.J. and address the subject bar as Cox Communications Antitrust.  
    You can submit your complaint to the United States Department of Justice by email.       antitrust.complaints@usdoj.gov
Thank you,
Roger D. Score, President
Arizona Alarm Dealers Association
(520) 419-4677
Time To Terminate Monitoring
    In New York State what is the shortest time we can terminate a monitoring contract if a customer has not paid. Do 
We have to give 30 day notice?
John Papaleo
    There is no statutory time so the answer is found in the monitoring agreement.  The Standard Form permits cancellation for non payment without notice, through I suggest you give some time, a few days.  Be sure your termination notice is unequivocal, which means that the notice says that monitoring will terminate at a specific date and time-- and make sure you terminate service at that time.
    If you can remote access the system you can shut down monitoring but leave the system operational otherwise.  You can add "no monitoring" to the keypad readout. *****************************************************************************************************************************************************************

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