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   May 1, 2013



Horror Stories,

Police station discovers all toilet seats stolen from their own bathrooms.  No security monitoring since is is a police station manned and open 24/7.    The police never found the thief as they had nothing to go on...... I couldn't resist after reading your last horror story.

Rodger Roth


Horror stories. 

Installed tape system at Liquor retailer 1972. Owner requests to be notified prior to Police. System activates one stormy night. Hysterical Owner arrives with gun at the ready. Police arrive, shoot owner. No suit. 

Residential installer falls from attic ceiling. Crashes onto glass dining room table, bleeds onto Persian Rug. Fired installer, paid client, no suit.

Michael Kerry


and Horror Story in the making ...



Can you please tell me your thoughts on a matter developing:

I contracted with a female to install a burglar alarm system with monitoring.  We are using your All-in-One contract.

We did the install last week.  The install went fine, except there was a bad Honeywell IP communicator 

module 'out of the box' that we discovered & replaced at the time of the installation.  The system was tested locally, signals were sent, customer was trained, customer paid remaining balance plus pro-rated thru 6/30/13.

Due to not sending in the alarm permit application to the police yet, she chose to not arm the system for a few days to confirm permitting 

(good choice).

A few days later (Sunday night), the alarm started beeping in the middle of the night.  They claim that their code wouldn't work, and my installer helped to power down the system over the phone.

My tech scheduled a service call for Tuesday afternoon.  Monday morning, her boyfriend, (a local high profile Personal Injury attorney), called demanding to 1) not allow us a chance to service the 

alarm, 2) cancel the monitoring, and 3) refund the monies paid.  If not, he is threatening to sue us for installing a defective system.

We haven't been able to check the system, and don't know if the trouble was due to the alarm, the cable, or something else.

He was posturing, telling me that 1) we put in a defective system, and 2) he will sue us, and 3) he will 'shred the contract in court', that it 'isn't worth the paper it is written on', and that it is unfair in the rights that it attempts to exclude from the customer.

Any thoughts on the direction I should take this in these initial phases?

in Hawaii




Sue the bast' rd. [can you believe my program icontact won't let me spell that out !!]   Send a letter offering to come and service the system and make it operational.  Send a second letter advising that you will hold her to the contract and that you again offer to come and render the system operational.  The third letter should advise that the contract is accelerated and in default.  Then sue her.  Give her week between each letter, or 3 days if you are emailing.  Send letters regular mail, email or fax.  If you were in NY or NJ I'd be happy to take the case.  BTY, if she lets you into the house, take her toilet seats when you leave.


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