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Question re poor mfg service


    Getting to be the same old questions....

    Lets kick it up a notch.....

    As this industry grows so do the hold times when calling the manufactures service department(s).  I don't call often but when I call I expect to talk to someone within five minutes.  Yesterday I had some programming issues so I called (XX) tech service.  It took 20 minutes to pick up my call the first time and 18 minuets the next two times.  This was 56 minutes out of my day on hold waiting for tech service to answer the phone.  So they sent a survey, I answered it......Many times over the past year.  It seems that the surveys are a waste of time since the hold times are getting longer.  What do we need to do to shorten these times?  Do we all have to beat on the manufactures?







    Maybe we need to start a "wall of shame" or some other forum to lodge complaints against vendors serving the alarm industry; manufacturers, central stations, and other services.





I’d like to speak with you regarding our disappointment and deception by a marketing company.  

Please let me know when you have a few minutes.

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Question what liability does an alarm contractor have in the event of a loss where permits and inspections required



    Enjoy reading your postings. 

    Here’s a question I was hoping you could help out with; 

    What liability does an alarm contractor have in the event of a loss where permits and inspections required by government regulation(s) are not obtained or performed. For instance in New Jersey the Uniform Construction Code (N.J.A.C. 5;23) provides few exceptions where permits and inspections are not required.      Given a situation where a permit and inspections are required and the contractor fails to obtain them and a subsequent loss occurs how if at all is the contractors liability affected ?

    Again thanks for your insightful postings,


John Drucker, CET

Assistant Construction Official

Fire Protection Subcode Official

Building/Fire/Electrical Inspector

Borough of Red Bank

Red Bank, New Jersey




    Failure to comply with laws can result in negligence per se, or be merely persuasive of negligence.  A contractor who failed to obtain a permit would not be conclusively deemed negligent just because a permit was not obtained.  There would still have to be evidence of actual negligence.


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    Scott Taylor, with Fi-Soft and manages the firms product development and partner relations activities..  Fi-Soft specializes in QuickBooks accounting software, training, and integrated solutions.  As a founding member of the Intuit Reseller Channel, Fi-Soft supports all versions of QuickBooks software and carries the highest level certifications from Intuit.  

    Mitch Reitman is a tax expert specializing in the alarm industry.  Besides accounting and tax work, he is an active and effective business consultant and alarm business broker.

    Thomas Aronica with SkyFinancial has a focus on credit card processing for the alarm industry including RMR processing, and integrates and works with Fi-Soft's Quick Books. 

Who should attend:  alarm company owners, office managers and those involved in alarm company nabagment, accounting and accounting records.