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WEBINAR NOTICE:  The Central Station series  
Why you should use our central station
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    I have been looking to change my accounts receivable and billing system. I watched the webinar you had in February with Scott Taylor from Quick Books. Do you know if any of your clients are now using them. If so, I would like to find out if they are satisfied with it. Let me know
    Can you or anybody else on this forum suggest a good iPad app that will do work orders in the field fire inspection reports and check off sheets for our employees that can upload to the Google drive? 
    Had purchased your contracts a few years back & just received the updated version. (Thanks!)  Have one question…under  number 6 the Residential All in One contract reads “All changes and revisions shall be supplied…in writing.”  Currently, we allow our customers to make password and contact list changes via telephone provided they give the correct password.  Is that a sufficient safeguard?  We get quite a few calls regarding domestic violence/divorce situations and also the last minute “we are going out of town in the morning and need to have so-and-so be contacted first if there’s an activation.” 
    Also, thanks for making the point with my husband concerning the importance of the “Additional Equipment, Systems, and Service Disclaimer.” [This is the Disclaimer Notice] I had read your e-mail and suggested it to him which he promptly brushed off.  Hearing you speak about it at the Alabama Alarm Association meeting made the proverbial light bulb over his head go off.  If you publish this, please sign me anonymous or you might have to sign me divorced….lol
    The Disclaimer Notice is important because it reinforces the fact that just about every system could have more and better protection and the subscriber doesn't want to pay for it.  The Disclaimer Notice has other features as well, such as take over  issues, voip, fines and other matters.  It's not another contract but an acknowledgment by the subscriber that these issues were addressed at time of sale.  The Disclaimer Notice should prove useful as a sales tool as well because it will confront the subscriber with security options that the subscriber will have to decline or agree to include in your transaction.  BTW, the Disclaimer Notice doesn't have to be used for Commercial Fire because those systems are approved by AHJ and there need not be any extras or disclaimers.
    Thanks for all the valuable guidance you offer.  I have a simple question. 
    Can a Midwest Central Station enforce a monitoring Agreement with a Maryland dealer when that CS is not legally licensed to do business in Maryland and in the individual jurisdictions within that state which require a license to do business?
    Can they even enter into a "legal" Agreement to perform a service illegally?
    Not a simple question, but I will offer a general answer, yes.  A central station providing nationwide monitoring doesn't have to be "authorized" to conduct business in every state where it provides monitoring services.  Some states require a license to monitor and require filing for authority to do business in the state before the license will be issued.  There may be certain prohibitions if a business doesn't register to do business in a state.  In NY for example a business that conducts substantial business in the state that isn't registered is prohibited from commencing and maintaining a lawsuit in the state.  However, contracts wouldn't be void.  
    I'd have to check Maryland law specifically to answer your question; something I haven't done.  I am sticking with the "yes" answer because of the overriding federal interstate commerce law.
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                                          WEBINAR ANNOUNCEMENTS
                                             The Central Station Series
                                         Why you should use our central station
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Each Webinar will cover:

  • territory covered by cs 
  • types of alarms cs equipped to handle or specializes in 
  • description of cs facilities and equipment; redundancy of more than one location 
  • general policies on handling alarms 
  • what makes your cs stand apart from others 
  • pricing - why your cs charges what it does and special deals if any 
  • contracts the cs requires

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November 12, 2014 - Statewide Monitoring
November 13, 2014 - Centra-Larm Monitoring

November 20, 2014 - AvantGuard Monitoring


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