Provided by:  Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq.

October 11, 2018


Hi Jennifer,

How am I supposed to train my staff on a sensitive topic like sexual harassment?  I also do not want to spend money on this; seems like a time and money suck.  Thoughts? 

Dr. P


I hear you.  All New York State Employers are now required to roll out policies prohibiting sexual harassment at work, and to start rolling out training.  This is NOT optional; although no one will be auditing, should an employee report you, the fact you didn't comply will be held against you.  

So, why not use the requirement as a positive - a reason to present a training that can used to Temper otherwise empowered or problem employees.  Use training as an opportunity to address misconduct in general and corrective action plans that will now be taken against such employees.  We can use the sexual harassment training as an opportunity (since required) to address without targeting.  We can implement stricter ground rules than you have previously been enforcing, citing State requirement.  Let's use the training as an opportunity to crack down, and even weed out, if necessary.  Yes, you may not want to take responsibility for, or implement yourself; many of your colleagues feel similarly and are, frankly, afraid of their staff - female and male.   

Time suck and money suck?  One way to look at it.  But, its required, so let's focus on taking the lemons and making some lemonade.   (Also, you don't HAVE TO pay money - you can use the State's free forms and free training models - But for reasons we've already gone over and I've already put two webinars together on (
Webinar 1: CLICK HERE NYS Free Sexual Harassment Policies: Employer Beware (overview in 6 minutes)  AND Webinar 2: CLICK HERE NY Sexual Harassment Training Requirements: Protecting Your Business from your Employees), I don't recommend using the State's stuff since it basically instructs an employee how to wage a successful claim against you.) 

If you want help handling, Taryn is booking trainings now, or you can contact me direct (  We've started training and the training itself for all staff takes about 20 minutes.  We spend additional time with your administrator(s) discussing how to deal with actual complaints and corrective action.  We can also use our prep time and admin time talking through what else you may have going on that perhaps we can advise on (at no extra charge (limited to our consult time for the SH training - not a forever freebie!)). 

To check out what we've developed, visit our website HERE or see below.  For clients we are packaging webinar training and policies at $900 all in (you get a copy of our live training recorded as a webinar to play for new hires or anyone who misses training date).  


   NYS Compliant
       Sexual Harassment
        Policies/Complaint Form
       /Employee Agreement
Customized Policy, Complaint Form and Employee Agreement with contractual protections for employer and INDEMNIFICATION by Employee for Offenses. $450.00
Description:  You pick the day and time and we will provide a Live training session by webinar for your staff - we will consult with you beforehand by phone so we can best assess your company's main areas of concern, or potential weaknesses. Your employees will have an opportunity to ask questions live on webinar or to email us after with concerns or complaints. $550.00



Every NYS Employer (no matter the size) is required to have Sexual Harassment Policies and Train NOW. 
Order Policies and Training here:

Learn about the law and what you need by watching our Free webinars: 
Webinar 1: CLICK HERE NYS Free Sexual Harassment Policies: Employer Beware (overview in 6 minutes) 
Webinar 2: CLICK HERE NY Sexual Harassment Training Requirements: Protecting Your Business from your Employees