Provided by:  Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq.

September 27, 2018


Dear Jennifer,

I received an offer (as you know, and have accepted), now, how do I give notice?

Thanks, Dr. P


Likely, your responsibility to give notice will be covered and specified in your current employment agreement, or employer policy.  Some relay to me we live in an "at will" state so notice can be given at any time to any person - this is not true.  Once you sign a contract you are now bound by its terms.  The person receiving notice, how it must be sent, how far in advance and the employer's rights on termination may be dictated by contract.   You may not like some of the rights the employer has at the termination of the employment relationship (but, then again, you signed on to it)..  Assuming you have some leverage (perhaps you are willing to stay on a little longer, or trade money you may be owed), you may have the ability to barter certain other restrictions away - for instance, an area out of a contractual non compete...  The latter part of this answer (ability to barter) really depends on how negotiations go - there are no guarantees.   

Make sure to check your contract in full, including any tail obligations on termination, rights to accrued compensation, requirement you work a full or less than full schedule post notice...  


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