August 29, 2013




Thank you for providing resources on I-STOP in Tuesday's email.  I believe I understand what I need to do, but how do I keep my practice compliant on an on-going basis?  Or prove we are staying compliant?

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The best way to ensure ongoing compliance is to adopt a proper I-STOP policy that details how your practice operates, conforms to the requirements and the safe-guards you have in place to ensure security in using your health commerce account.  For instance, who accesses, at what point (pre-visit anticipating a prescription, during a visit), what happens with the information being accessed (print, save, reference and close?). In addition, that document should specify the steps you take, how you are delegating registry access, and how you protect passwords and access.  You also should make sure your policy addresses what happens if someone with access leaves your practice.

To order our I-STOP policy that is ready for practice implementation, click here - The policy is listed under "Compliance Documents". 


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