Holding Back Paycheck Comments / CO Detectors
    Two items struck me today re article on Sept 13 "comment on withholding paycheck / CO Detectors"
 1-  Employee return of property.
     Why not list and inventory company property, assign a dollar value and have the employee leave a depost to insure return ocf company property?  Agree to compensate and make the company hole for any loss or abuse of equipment?
   This could be in compliance with credit laws by SELLING a packaged tool and equipment inventory and paying the money back at the other end with 2% Interest like a home rental deposit?

    2- When it comes to CO. we tell our customers DO NOT RUN AROUND AND OPEN WINDOWS. Use your energy to GET EVERYONE OUT IMMEDIATELY. The increased metabolism will increase the CO level in the blood with any activity.
    The fire service invests a large amount of money in detection equipment and in the case of a VERY SLOW CO buildup, it may take hours or days to locate the source. If all is left intact let the fire service do their thing, LOCATE the source THEN power ventilate.....
    The co standard NFPA 720 (Not yet adopted code nationally) requires MONITORED CO detectors to ring all sirens and warning devices for 1 hour.
    Non Monitored systems must sound for 12 hours.
(Do the battery calculations. How many of your systems would pass???)
    This time limit is proposed in case a CO incident developed AFTER YOU LEFT FOR WORK and returned to the home with HIGH CO LEVELS. with no warning you may become a victim to CO poisoning
    From high atop my perch on the window sill,
FBN Security Co LLC
    All well and good on what Judge Ruth Kraft had to say. But let me expand the original question and add: What happens if a New York State licensed alarm company can't get the employee's Employee Identification Card back? The alarm company gets the fine!? It's now an issue of LAW?
    The law follows: Security and Fire Alarm Systems, Rules and Regulations Title 19 NYCRR Part195 Licensing Regulations for the Business of Installing, Servicing or Maintaining Security or Fire Alarm Systems.

§195.11 I.D. cards

(a) Employee identification cards issued by licensee. Each employee of a business which is licensed to install, maintain or service security or fire alarm systems shall be issued a company identification card as described herein.

(2) Termination of Employment. Upon termination of employment, each employee of a business licensed to install, maintain or service security or fire alarm systems shall surrender his/her identification card within five business days to the employer. The identification card of the terminated employee shall be placed in the individual’s personnel file.

Alan Glasser, Executive Director
Brooklyn, New York
    Qualifier is responsible for getting the ID card back.  But that has nothing to do with the final pay check
    There many gas testers available on the market. A google search will bring up many. Another avenue may be to stop by your local fire station and ask what they recommend. I can not remember the brand on the ones that we carry for my department but they are a one gas (CO) wand. It gives a real time readout of PPM.  if you are outfitting your techs with these devices please keep in mind the safe level limits. You most likely will not be outfitting them with SCBA to safely work in a high level environment like my "techs" on the department. 
Kevin M. Brown
Owner ZS Security
Asst Chief BCFD

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