Follow up on credit card and ACH processing from October 21, 2013 and 100% NON-RECOURSE ach financing 


    Credit cards and automatic charges to subscriber's bank account are methods of immediate and reliable payment - and you need to be accepting these methods of payment.  You'll find your cash flow and percentage of receivables better.  And you need to have this process automated - especially if you have 100s or 1000s of accounts to process each month, though the economics work even for the smaller companies.  

I recommended SkyBank Financial and I got SkyBank to waive its processing fees for 6 months to this forum's readers - mention my name when you contact Tom Aronica at SkyBank.  I asked Tom to further explain why you should switch your merchant account to SkyBank or start your credit card processing with SkyBank as opposed to another merchant account processor.  SkyBank is listed in The Alarm Exchange in the Financial Services category. Here is how he responded:



    I believe that what sets SkyBank Financial apart is our experience working with Alarm Dealers.  

    We know the alarm business;  we know their customers’ payment habits, and we know the solutions which will make the payment process more effective.  

    We live it day to day with alarm companies and can react very quickly to their needs.  I don’t know of any other processor that understands the alarm industry, from dealers to central stations, charging monthly fees under a monitoring, service or other recurring revenue contract.  To most processors, it’s an alarm company; they flip to the page in a book that their boss gave them that says “alarm company” and sell whatever the book tells them to.  I don’t know of any other processor that can speak to a dealer and encourage them to establish a service contract, and provide a solution to do it on a monthly basis to help them build RMR for when they plan to exit.  We offer a lifetime of lowest rate guarantee.  More important is that we understand the alarm business.  

    100% NON-RECOURSE ach financing 

    I offered your readers 6 months free processing.  I’m going to go out on a limb and make another free offer to those on your forum just to show you how devoted we are to the industry.  We recently launched a consumer finance program for our Alarm Dealers that features 100% NON-RECOURSE ach financing.  That means SkyBank can finance the installs of new alarm systems, manage all collections from the consumer, pay the dealer in full within a day or two, and if the customer defaults on the payment, the dealer never knows about it.  Of course, it requires the dealer to process credit cards with us, but I will be happy to extend the 6 month free processing promotion for anyone that wants to sign up and I’ll waive all the setup fees for the Finance Program.  


    Here is what our dealers get with the new program:

  •           Easy, online application platform that gives credit decisions instantly
  •           Low Borrower Interest rates Starting at 8.99%.  All interest rates are fixed, allowing for a consistent, affordable monthly payment that never Increases.
  •           Multiple Lenders are integrated Into One Platform, allowing more approvals for your business. Our Lenders  will approve prime, near-prime and even sub-prime borrowers.
  •           There are many promotional offers available to Borrowers, Such as 0% interest for up to 24 months.      Merchants can select promotional offers on a loan by loan basis.
  •           Online System is integrated with Electronic Signatures, simplifying the Contract Signing Process.
  •           Superior customer service and support. We additionally work one-on-one with your staff to ensure the   program implemented is a success.

Your readers can get a free consultation so they can evaluate the program themselves.  They should contact my office at 800-617-9980 or visit our website www.skybankfinancial.com/kirschenbaum.php to fill out a request for more information.  

Best Regards,

Thomas J. Aronica, CPP, President / CEO

9999 NE 2nd Ave

Suite 314

Miami Shores, FL 33138

D: 786-360-6391

O: 800-617-9980 x601






December 4, 2013   12 noon EST  Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4919260455763006721

    Title:  10 Things Residential Security Alarm Companies should consider BEFORE entering the world of Commercial Engineered System Fire Alarms

      Presented by:  Bob Williams, President of Briscoe Protective Systems and his Management Team. 

Briscoe Protective Systems has been in the industry for 35 Years and has made the transition from a Residential Alarm Company in the late 70’s to a Engineered System Fire and Security Company that is an SDM Top 100 Company. Find us on the web at www.BriscoeProtective.com or on LinkedIn under Companies, Facebook and Twitter@BriscoeProSys 

      Description:  There is a big difference between installing Residential Fire Systems and Commercial Engineered Fire Systems and there are “Key Factors” that Security Company’s should consider before attempting to go into this lucrative but challenging market.

      Who should attend:  Alarm company owners and fire techs.