COPPER THEFT IS A BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR INDUSTRY with no end in sight.  Many alarm companies are missing the opportunity to provide security to air conditioning units.  Either end users and alarm companies are not fully aware of the need for the security or alarm companies are simply not aware of the opportunity. CopperWatcher is a complete air conditioning theft solution that is now available factory direct. CopperWatcher is false alarm free, tamper proof device that stops a would-be thief as early in the theft attempt.  CopperWatcher links to any security alarm system for unsuppressed reliability.  To date, with CopperWatcher installed, not one A/C system has been stolen.  For more information, to become a distributor or seller, visit www.copperwatcher.com
    The only comparable product is the Whip. The whip is only pressure sensor connecting to the refrigerant line. CopperWatcher monitors the electric power at the A/C  and the Refrigerant pressure.  Here's the difference, a thief typically will turn the power to the A/C first then cut the refrigerant line. When the power is turned off the CopperWatcher triggers the existing security alarm system. The only thing the building owner has to do is turn the power back on to restore the A/C.  To activate the Whip the thief has to cut the refrigerant line thus damaging the A/C. Typical repair costs to the A/C range from $1000.00 to $1400.00 depending on the age and size. Some A/C systems can not be repaired and replacements and cost are in the $6000.00 range.
    CopperWatcher isn't new to the market what is new is how it is being marketed - now factory direct to alarm companies.
Robert W. Frederick    
    CopperWatcher is listed on The Alarm Exchange under the category "Technology and Services that increase or preserve your RMR".  You can include this product using your Standard Commercial All in One Agreement.  No other provisions are required, though you will be describing the device and service in your Schedule of Equipment and Services or in your proposal that you'll attach to the Schedule of Equipment and Services.