January 8, 2015



Thank you for Tuesday's email on the ePrescribing.  I was not aware.  My question is, if I want to use my paper prescriptions, can I?

Dr. K


Pursuant to NYS law, after March 27, 2015 you can only use your Official New York State Prescriptions if such prescription is:

(a) issued by veterinarians;

(b) issued in  circumstances where   electronic   prescribing  is  not  available  due  to  temporary technological or electrical failure, as set  forth  in  regulation; 

(c) issued  by practitioners who have received a waiver or a renewal thereof for a specified period determined by the commissioner, not to exceed one year, from the requirement to use electronic prescribing, pursuant to a process  established  in regulation by the commissioner, in consultation with  the  commissioner  of  education,  due   to   economic   hardship, technological  limitations that are not reasonably within the control of the practitioner, or other exceptional circumstance demonstrated by  the practitioner; 

(d)  issued  by a practitioner under circumstances where, notwithstanding the practitioner's present ability to make an electronic prescription  as  required  by  this  subdivision,   such   practitioner reasonably  determines  that  it would be impractical for the patient to obtain substances prescribed by  electronic prescription  in  a  timely manner,  and  such  delay  would  adversely impact the patient's medical condition, provided that  if  such  prescription  is  for  a  controlled substance,  the quantity of controlled substances does not exceed a five day supply if the controlled substance were used in accordance with  the  directions for use; or

(e) issued by a practitioner to be dispensed by a  pharmacy located outside the state, as set forth in regulation. 

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