I have an issue with covert Motion Cameras installed in a Pediatrics Office.  Did not use a contract - basically installed a CCTV system 4/2013.  I only use contracts for Burglar or Fire Systems.
    I specified 6 signs in each exam room on my proposal, but I vaguely recall not having them to give the customer at the end of the job.
    Fell through the cracks, forgot to provide them or may have at a later date, but I made it clear that you must notify your patrons by posting signs, before and after the install.
    Now, yesterday I went there for a service visit to put their cameras back on line by rebooting.  The owner was on the phone talking to her attorney, I overheard her repeatedly saying "I specifically asked the Camera installer if I needed signs and they said no she doesn't".  Of course that is untrue, I never met her before yesterday - I only dealt with her daughter who is the office manager who was not present in the office yesterday while I was there.  I was there for the whole installation, and she could not tell me who she talked to alleging that someone told her.  Apparently, she is trying to put off any responsibility from her to me.
    I recall that her office manager wanted to keep everything aesthetically pleasing with the cameras and insisted on the covert type.  Funny enough just within the last 6 months I quoted them for adding audio to their system which they didn't do.
    Can you advise what should / could be my next step, or nothing?
name withheld
    I don't want to appear cruel or overly sarcastic, but I think you should consider another livelihood.  I don't think the life safety /  security business is for you or that it's going to work out for you.  Here's what you did wrong:

  • installed cameras without a contract
  • installed cameras in a doctor's office, without a contract
  • installed covert cameras in a doctor's office
  • included a signs in your proposal that you never delivered or installed
  • thinking that signs make a difference, they don't
  • going back to quote audio, no doubt without a contract or clue what you legally need to think about

    Cameras in doctor's office can be installed using the Commercial All in One and the Disclaimer Notice.  The cameras should be clearly visible, not covert.  Signs don't matter.  You can let the doctor know that the presence of cameras should be in the doctor's intake forms, including a consent by the patient to the cameras.  That would apply for audio also.  [if audio is installed then everyone entering the office should sign a consent, and the doctor better have procedures in place to protect the data from the cameras and audio because there are special health care laws that apply to patient confidentiality].  Cameras should not be positioned to expose the patient's body unnecessarily.  The purpose of the cameras and audio, seems to me, to be useful only to help establish that the doctor conducted him or herself in an appropriate manner during the consultation or procedure. If just a consult then it may eliminate the need for the doctor to have a nurse or other staff member in the room during the consultation.  For procedures it will not focus on the actual treatment area if it's inappropriate so the data may not be as helpful.  
    Under no circumstances should cameras, audio, security or fire be installed in a doctor's office or anywhere else with a proper Standard Form Agreement.  Get with the program or get a new job.