Re: Summer Door Knockers
    The issue Brien Welwood of Alliance Security speaks of when he says “the only time we hear from you is when we receive your invoice” is the challenge of customer engagement.  A great strategy to engage and communicate with your customer base is with GoVivo Mobile for Customer Service.  Communicate directly to a customer on their most personal device … their smartphone.  A simple monthly engagement, letting the customer know you’re there to help and not just a bill.  For example, a simple message once a month:
“It’s Sean from the service department.  Just wanted to touch base and make sure that your system is working to your satisfaction.  Is there anything that needs our attention?”
"It’s Debbie from customer service, we just thought we would give you a heads up that there is a group knocking on doors with alarm systems using fraudulent tactics to switch alarm companies.  Please let us know if you are solicited.”
    Whether the communication is simply that it may be time to change batteries in a smoke detector or even a local crime statistics, the key is to be engaging not “sales (y)”.  GoVivo Mobile uses “push” notification to deliver the message, which is 300% more effective than email and snail mail.  Further, it utilizes in-app 2 way texting so the customer can engage directly from the app immediately creating personal interactions with the company.
    GoVivo Mobile also centralizes all system access and interaction points to a fully branded app for your bill payment portal, customer referrals, camera and home automation logins and the unique “Specials” button for up-sales.
    The key is understanding that by interacting and engaging with your customer on a regular basis helps stem the erosion of your customer base.  The most effective method to engage your customer is via their smart phone. GoVivo gives an Alarm Dealer the power and benefits of your own branded customer service app without all the development costs.
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 John Hoffe
Reported in SSI in its on line magazine on May 22, 2015
By SSI Staff · May 20, 2015
JEFFERSON PARISH, La. — Police have arrested a Fluent Home salesperson after he allegedly forced himself into a home here while selling burglar alarms.

The homeowner told authorities that Jens Peterson, 20, arrived at her home on May 16 and cracked her door open and let himself inside the residence. Once inside, Peterson put his hands on the resident’s shoulders and began asking about her home security system, New York Daily News reports.

The woman claims that after she pointed her security system out to Peterson, he started pressing its buttons and refused a request for him to leave. The salesman finally left after someone in the living room approached him, according to the arrest report.

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When police arrived on the scene, Peterson, along with two other Fluent Home employees, were inside a vehicle parked nearby the home.

The Utah-based Peterson has been charged with unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling and peddling with no permit.

Canadian-based Fluent Home is a summer sales model security company with offices in Provo, Utah as well as Edmonton and Vancouver, Canada.