RSA 361-B:2 (2006)

§ 361-B:2. Notice

I. At the time of any home solicitation sale, the seller shall furnish
the buyer with a fully completed receipt and a copy of any contract or
agreement pertaining to such sale at the time of its execution which shall
show the name and address of the seller, the date of transaction and contain
in immediate proximity to the space reserved in the contract, agreement or
receipt for the signature of the buyer, in boldface type of a minimum size
of 10 points, a statement in substantially the following form:


The buyer may cancel by written notice mailed to the seller, preferably by
certified or registered letter, or he may cancel by returning the
merchandise in person within the cancellation period.

A home solicitation sale contract agreement or receipt which contains the
notice of cancellation forms and content provided in the Federal Trade
Commission trade regulation rule providing a cancellation period for
door-to-door sales shall be deemed as complying with the requirements of RSA
361-B:2, I, so long as the Federal Trade Commission language provides at
least equal information to the consumer concerning his right to cancel as is
required by this chapter.

(a) A home solicitation sale shall be deemed to be in compliance with the
requirements of RSA 361-B:2, I, if the seller guarantees that (1) The buyer
may at any time: (i) cancel the order, or (ii) refuse to accept the goods
when delivered without incurring any obligation to pay for them, or (iii)
return the goods to the seller and receive a full refund for any amount the
buyer has paid, and (2) the buyer's right to cancel the order, refuse
delivery or return the goods without obligation or charge at any time is
clearly and unmistakably set forth on the face or reverse side of the sales
ticket, receipt or contract.

(b) In the event the buyer cancels, the seller must return to the buyer
within 15 days of the cancellation: (1) any payments made, (2) any goods or
other property, received as a trade-in (or a sum equal the trade-in
allowance given therefore), and (3) any note or other evidence of
indebtedness given by the buyer to the seller pursuant to or in connection
with the sale.

(c) After cancellation, provided the seller has returned to the buyer all
payments, goods (or their trade-in value), other property, notes or any
other evidence of indebtedness, the seller is then entitled to receive
within the same 15 day period, in substantially the same condition as
delivered, any goods, merchandise or other property which was received by
the buyer from the seller.

II. In the event the buyer cancels and the seller does not comply with the
provisions of RSA 361-B:2, I(b) within the 15 days specified therein, the
seller shall be deemed in violation of this section. In the event the buyer
does not comply with RSA 361-B:2, I(b), the seller shall have the right to
legal recourse to recover his property.

III. Notwithstanding paragraphs I and II, the buyer and seller, upon mutual
agreement, may negotiate for repair, replacement, substitution or credit
allowance during the 15 day period. If the seller agrees to negotiate, the
buyer's right to cancel as stated in paragraphs I and II shall remain in
effect during any negotiations made under the provisions of this paragraph.

IV. It shall be the responsibility of the seller to either call for the
merchandise at the point of delivery, or request return by mail or other
transportation at the seller's expense. It shall be the buyer's
responsibility to cooperate in the exchange of properties when cancellation
is requested.

V. If the seller has made no effort to recover his property after 90 days
following the sale of the property, it shall become the buyer's property
without further obligation of any kind.