Provided by:  Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq.

October 2, 2019




What happens if my partner gets sued?  Am I protected? 

Thanks, Dr. I


Totally depends.  Likely, yes?   If the lawsuit if for malpractice and you were not involved in patient care, assuming there is insurance, the carrier will likely cover securing your release.  The basic protective counter question here is, what insurance and what limits for that insurance does the practice, or do you carry?  You are protected if there is insurance to protect against all reasonable threats.  Basic insurance to ensure you have is Directors and Officers (for decisions), General Liability (for slip and fall), Malpractice and EPLI (protection from employees).  It is also likely your organizing document, whether your Shareholder or Operating Agreement, will call for limited liability - contractual protections.

Since the question was generic, so is the answer. To get in to specifics, give me a call.