I am setting up a one man operation as an independent alarm dealer/company.
    I often read your newsletter and see a suggestion to use one of your
many contracts/forms
in addition to or instead of the all-in-one.  I
have not been able to find information on your website giving a basic
description of when each contract/form should be used.  An outline of
when each is suggested for use would be very useful and help me to make my purchasing decision.
    Below I have listed the details of what I am planning for as far as my
offerings as an alarm company and I suspect there are many others in my particular situation.  I would greatly appreciate assistance choosing
the contracts I need "and" any suggestions/options such as using the
all-in-one and maybe simply making a hand written note on it regarding
any service that is not covered.  Purchasing each contract/form adds up

-I will primarily sell, service, and install residential alarm systems
that may include smoke/fire detectors.
-I will sell small business alarm systems that may include smoke/fire
-I will sell camera and home automation systems with and with out an
integrated alarm system
-I hope to sell P.E.R.('s) systems
-I will do take overs of existing alarm systems.
-I will also install/service most of these systems as a subcontractor
for other companies as well as for my own company

    I once asked a similar question via email and was referred to the person in charge of your contract sales, but I did not find the information
provided very helpful or informative.  I would love to see this answered
in the newsletter as I am sure it will be helpful to others as well.
    Please feel free to leave this last paragraph out of the newsletter.
Thank you,
    I have tried to simplify the purchase and use of proper alarm contracts.  The All in One Standard Form Contracts combine most of the services you will be performing as a full service alarm company.  The All in One forms replace the individual forms; they are more updated and thoroughly comprehensive covering the services you're likely to perform.  The individual forms remain available when there is a specific limited need.
    Even the All in One forms have space limits in order to be presented in 3 or 4 pages.  Because of the legal issues that apply to certain services we have created three basic All in One forms:
Commercial Fire

    These agreements cover sale, installation, service, monitoring, inspection and other services may offer because they are required or simply optional.
    Even the Standard All in One forms do not cover PERS, another service you mention.  There is a separate PERS agreement in the list of available standard forms at www.alarmcontracts.com
    Because the sale of PERS lends itself to multi state [if not all states] sales, the PERS form comes in a "nationwide" format, which covers legal issues in most [we try to cover all] of the jurisdictions nationwide.  The nationwide PERS agreement is available only by calling our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda at 516-747 6700 x 312.
    It's not really feasible to try and explain how the All in One forms work, or all of the provisions, because the agreement is, first of all, packed with legal stuff, and second of all, covers most if not all of the services you're likely to offer.  Kind of a lot to explain if you don't have the form agreement in front of you and you've taken the time to read it through.  So my advice is, get the agreement forms you need, read them, use them, and I am always available for consult or advice, often without charge.


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